Community Benefits

The Center of Business Innovation provides a plethora of effective long-term benefits for the surrounding community. With the involvement of the businesses of Orange County we can proactively come together in order to have a voice in political, social and economic circumstances that impact the community. Advocacy from CBI on behalf of the business community will not only be a benefit but an asset that will set Orange County apart from other communities that have no organization to speak on their behalf. In addition to having a voice, businesses will benefit from the opportunity to get involved with other businesses providing a priceless networking opportunity, further forging a stronger bond for businesses of Orange County.

In addition to advocacy, another goal of CBI is to improve the county fair. The reason that this is such a high priority for CBI is because of the countless positive side effects that stem from a strong and populated county fair. Agriculture is a huge economic engine, unbeknownst to most people; however, it is an area that loses attention especially with the rise of technology. The county fair is a way to remind people of the importance and significant impact of agriculture. In other counties, a successful fair can provide educational opportunities for a wide array of age groups, an interactive option for bringing together a community and a constructive and safe environment for family and friends alike. CBI hopes to revitalize the Orange County fair in order for the community to reap its many rewards.

Another benefit of a booming Orange County Fair is that it would be a big draw for people from outside of Orange County. A successful fair would increase tourism in Orange County exponentially. Local businesses would benefit greatly from an increase of tourism because of the traffic induced by the county fair.

Center of Business Innovation Orange Country, New York